“This One Goes Out To the One I Love”

“I love you more than the world can contain in its ramshackle head.”

—Sufjan Stevens, “John My Beloved”

I did say yes
O at lightning and lashed rod;
Thou heardst me truer than tongue confess
Thy terror, O Christ, O God;
Thou knowest the walls, altar and hour and night:
The swoon of a heart that the sweep and the hurl of thee trod
Hard down with a horror of height:
And the midriff astrain with leaning of, laced with fire of stress.

—Gerard Manley Hopkins, “The Wreck of the Deutschland”

“Lord, touch me with lightning” | Blue Bucket of Gold

‘O Lady in whom my hope lives, and who suffered, for my salvation, to leave your footprints in Hell, of everything that I have seen, through your power and your goodness, I recognize the grace and the virtue. You have drawn me from slavery into freedom by all those paths, by all the means that were within your power. Guard your magnificence in me, so that my spirit, which you have made whole, may be pleasing to you, when from my body it is unknit.’ So I prayed: and she, far off as she seemed, smiled, and regarded me; then she returned to the eternal fountain.

—Dante, Paradiso Canto 31

Easter with Lauryn Hill’s moments of clarity

It’s at least debatable whether Sufjan has any resurrection songs. ‘Joy’?

Maybe the next album, if it’s the third in the Inferno (Adz) – Purgatorio (Carrie & Lowell) – Paradiso cycle?

Give us some victory.

The Poles

are within us,
while Awake,
we sleep across, to the Gate
of Mercy,

I lose you to you, that
is my Snow-Comfort,

say, that Jerusalem is,

say, as if I were this
your Whiteness,
as if you were

as if without us we could be we,

I open your leaves, forever,

you bless, you bed
us free.

– Paul Celan, ‘Poles’